Workplace Compensation Insurance is available through Workplace Insurance as the “alternative Product” to WSIB for eligible self-employed people. WSIB is a Government Insurance plan that provides on the job Accident Protection.

Workplace Insurance covers you Everywhere!

  • On the job
  • On your way to work
  • On your way home from work
  • At home
  • At play

Do I qualify?

Everyone Qualifies for Workplace Insurance!
This accident insurance plan covers injuries from accidents as they occur after your date of enrollment into the plan. It does not cover pre-existing conditions from accidents, injuries or illness.

When you need a unique insurance coverage, the company to turn to is Life Trends Insurance and their Workplace Insurance Plan. As an established insurance provider for 20 years, our goal remains the same. Make the process of obtaining insurance as easy and hassle free as possible. Acquiring “Workplace Insurance” is as simple as completing an enrollment form. You are covered as soon as we get your cheque and enrollment form. It is that Simple and Easy. So don’t delay. To learn more about our “Workplace Insurance Plan” or to speak with our Product Experts, contact us today.