Frequently Asked Questions

Which Plan should I choose?

Answer: If you are earning more than $35,000 this year that take the higher premium plan. If you are earning less than $35,000 take the lower premium plan. The disability income benefit is based upon 75% of income. If you are not earning an income then take the lower premium plan as you disability benefit is $100 a week. There are several differences. Watch the video.

Why do I need this insurance?

Answer: Your University requires that you have accident insurance to protect you for injuries. This also protects the University and the Agency that is graciously allowing you to train at their site.

I have personal disability insurance and group insurance at my current job and my employer has WSIB Insurance covering me. Why do I need this Workplace insurance as well?

Answer: That is good news that you have personal insurance. Everyone should. The problem is that your insurance as well as your group insurance benefits are unknown to the University. Your WSIB may only cover you while you are at your paying job. If you have other insurance or WSIB coverage at your practicum site, you must provide a “Letter of Confirmation of Coverage” from your site confirming that you are covered for your practicum time. Otherwise you must secure the Workplace Insurance coverage.


I am doing my practicum at the same place I work. Do I need this Workplace Insurance?

Answer: Yes you may, if your Employer is not covering you with WSIB for your practicum. Your practicum is additional duties over and above your regular work duties therefore you must obtain Workplace Insurance.


I am currently on a disability pension. Do I need this additional coverage?

Answer: Yes. Your current disability coverage does not protect the University or the Agency providing your practicum time nor you. If you suffer another injury while doing your practicum, you need insurance coverage. The University and the Agency both require you to have this coverage. There are no exceptions. This is the only way that all parties can be assured that there is consistent protection for all.


The Agency where I am doing my practicum does not have WSIB for their employees. Why do I need it? It seems like a waste of my money.

Answer: If you are doing your practicum, you need a Workplace Insurance Plan. This is a prerequisite in order to participate. The other employees may have private coverage like Workplace Insurance of which you are not aware. If not, they are at great risk.


Is there a quick overview of your Workplace Insurance Product?

Answer: Yes. You can download a brochure from the web site. There is also a short video on the web site that explains the coverage. Visit


Where do I find the Enrolment Form to complete?

Answer: The Enrolment Form is on the web site. Look under University Plan or click this link to download.


It looks like I need an income to qualify for this insurance. Is that right?

Answer: Yes, but only for the disability income portion of this benefit if you have never worked previously. If you are working while doing your practicum, then the salary you received from employment counts towards your benefit calculation. Should you be a full time student with no current earned income then there is a reduced benefit of $100.00 per week. In all cases the “Permanent Disability Benefit” and all other benefits are active for you while you are on your practicum.


My practicum is two trimesters in length, approximately 33 weeks over 9 months. Your insurance premiums are monthly. It appears that I am being forced to pay for extra weeks of coverage time that I do not need. Why?

Answer: You are becoming part of a large group insurance policy when you are enrolled with the Workplace Insurance Plan. That plan has monthly premiums not weekly premiums. Remember that Workplace Insurance covers you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whether you are on the job or off the job. It is good value.


I am having difficulty calculating the total premium. How do I figure it out?

Answer: Example. Start: Jan. 6th, Ending August 22nd. (That’s Jan, Feb., Mar., Apr., May, June, July, August = 8 mon.) Total premium is 8 x Monthly Premium= Full Amount


Why do I have to pay all of the premium up front and not monthly?

Answer: Short term coverage periods of 6 months or less require full payment up front. The University and the Agency providing your practicum must be sure that the insurance is in force. Should you require the Workplace Insurance Plan for a longer period than 6 months then the monthly pre-authorization is possible.


I would like to keep this insurance after I finish my practicum. I will be doing some contract work and this insurance coverage meets my needs. Can I continue?

Answer: Yes. We welcome you to continue with your Workplace Insurance Plan. You can set up the continued coverage at any time. We will schedule your monthly premiums to start when your practicum terminates or any time after that date. We will need a general enrolment form completed as the University’s form is specific to their needs. You can find the general enrolment form on the web site. I suggest you email or call and we can set it up correctly.


Your Workplace Insurance Plan looks really good. My husband is self-employed. Can he enroll also?

Answer: Yes. This insurance plan is available to any Canadian resident whether they are your spouse, child, niece, nephew, grandchild, brother, sister or just a friend. Show them the video on the web site and download the regular enrolment form. Send it with a cheque for the first month’s premium and a void cheque and we will look after the rest. Your spouse’s certificate will be sent by mail or email within a few days.


I notice that there are two plan levels of coverage. What is the minimum coverage I can take?

Answer: Both plans are available. We suggest you choose the plan that best suits your needs. The university requires that you be covered under the Workplace Insurance Plan. However, you choose what is best for your personal circumstances.


I live in Ontario. Why is my premium so much more than some premiums for other Provinces?

Answer: The premiums are all the same. Only the tax is different. Retail Sales Taxes  (RST) is different in each Province.


I start my practicum in a few days. I need my certificate immediately. What can I do?

Answer: Complete the enrollment form. Sign it. Sign the “Payment Authorization”. Attach a scanned void cheque. Email the enrolment form and the void cheque directly to Adminplex Resource Services Inc. Attention: Ask for an emailed certificate ASAP. Adminplex Resource Services Inc. will process your enrollment and withdraw a single payment for the full premium. You will receive your certificate by return email.


I have not received my certificate by email as I requested it. What should I do?

Answer: Call Adminplex Resource Services Inc. at (705) 725-7009 or toll free at (800) 565-2467. Ask to see if your enrollment was received, if the answer is “Yes”, then ask her to send the certificate by email. Confirm the email address where you would like to receive it. If the answer is “NO” then please be prepared to send it again. Confirm the email address for Adminplex Resource Services Inc. and send it again. They will send your certificate back to the email address you prefer “ASAP”. Please confirm your email address with her to avoid any further delays.