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Workers Compensation is available through Workplace Insurance as the “Alternative Product” to WSIB.  WSIB is a Government Insurance plan that provides on the job Accident Protection.  Workplace insurance cover you everywhere.

  • On the Job
  • On Your Way Work
  • On Your Way Home From Work
  • At Home
  • and At Play


Do I Qualify?

Everyone qualifies for Workplace Insurance

This accident insurance plan covers injuries from accidents as they occur after your date of enrolment into the plan.  It does not cover pre-existing conditions from accidents, injuries or illness

Take hold of your right to protect those things in life that are important to you. The most important is income. For without income your castle will crumble.

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How Do you Submit Your Application

  1. Complete the Enrolment Form
  2. Sign the Enrolment form
  3. Sign the Payment Authorization Section.


Submit Via e-mail

If you find it easier to send it in electronically follow the steps below.

  • Scan a void cheque
  • Scan the two pages of the Enrolment Form
  • Send an email to Adminplex Resource Center Inc. with the scanned cheque and Enrolment Form as attachments
  • The email address for Adminplex Resource Center Inc. is:
  • Your certificate will be sent by email in 48 hours (exempt for weekends and holidays). Original documents and Summary of Insurance coverage will be mailed. Follow up after 48 hours if you have not received your certificate by email.


Send in The Mail

If you would prefer to Mail the enrolment application form…

  • Choose the correct premium for your Province of practicum.
  • Complete the Enrolment Form
  • Sign the Enrolment form
  • Sign the Payment Authorization Section.
  • Attach your Cheque, Money Order or Bank Draft for the full premium.
  • Photocopy the two pages of the Enrolment Form for your records
  • Mail your Cheque and Enrolment Form to Workplace Insurance;

Workplace Insurance 

c/o Adminplex Resource Services
331 Cityview Blvd., Suite 301
Vaughan, ON L4H 3M3


Your certificate will be sent by mail and email within 48 hours (exempt for weekends and holidays) after it is received in our office.  (From your mailing to your receipt of the certificate, allow 7 Business days).  Follow up in 7 business days if you have not received your certificate by mail or email.

Have a question about your application please contact Adminplex Services Inc.

Adminplex Resource Services Inc.

Direct (705)-725-7009

Toll free at 1-800-565-2467

Fax (705) 721-0352.

You can e-mail them at

Ask to see if your enrollment was received, if the answer is “Yes”, then ask her to send the certificate by email.

If you have any questions or are unsure please call us today at 613-225-1182 or e-mail us at